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Build your brand instantly with IMPACT On-Site Event Solutions

Custom Canopies


that's all you have to capture the attention and interest of your audience.

Brand your space in style with a custom instant canopy designed to showcase your corporate message and attract prospects in seconds.

Custom instant canopies are the ideal marketing tool, perfect for small or large scale event, they can be tailored to deliver your unique message. Instant Pop-up canopies are fast and easy to set up and let you focus on your event.

Impact Canopies Canada Inc. delivers high impact custom branded canopies that enhance our clients' brand messaging and showcase their corporate identity.

We specialize in full digital printing, dye sublimation and silk screening for our line of products. Our continual investment in top-of-the-line print technology combined with experienced staff allows us to represent our clients' brand messages with vivid imagery and versatile products.

It's time to stand out from the crowd!

Canopy Sizes

5' x 5'

Frames: TL, DS
8' x 8'

Frames: TL, DS
8' x 12'

Frames: DS
10' x 10'

Frames: TL, DS, CL, ML, M
10' x 15'

Frames: CL, ML, M
10' x 20'

Frames: CL, ML, M
13' x 26'

Frames: Mega Series
16' x 16'

Frames: Mega Series
20' x 20'

Frames: Mega Series

Stock Colors:

The Impact Canopy tops comes in multiple sizes and colors. The Impact Instant Canopies are equipped with a premium 500 denier polyester top that, is water, mildew and rot resistant and meets ULCS 109, CPAI 84 and NFPA 701 Fire codes.

Available sizes






5’ x 5’ X        
8’ x 8’ X        
8’ x 12’ X        
10’ x 10’ X X X X  
10’ x 15’   X X X  
10’ x 20’   X X X  
13’ x 26’         X
16’ x 16’         X
20’ x 20’         X
Blue - PMS 287 CRoyal Blue
PMS 287 C
Green - PMS 348 CGreen
PMS 348 C
Red - PMS 193 CRed
PMS 193 C
Black - PMS Black CBlack
PMS Black C

Choose the canopy top size you want and then choose the frame.

Canopy Top:

  • 500 denier polyester canopy top
  • water repellent
  • Fire retardant
  • 100% UV Protected canopy

Custom Colors:

A custom printed canopy top makes it easy to stand apart from the crowd.

Our 100% printing coverage makes it possible to create any desired effect to fit your marketing campaign.

Orange - PMS 811 (approx) COrange
PMS 811 (approx) C
Navy Blue - PMS 289 CNavy Blue
PMS 289 C
Pink - PMS 189 CPink
PMS 189 C
Forest Green - PMS 3435 CForest Green
PMS 3435 C
Gold - PMS 123 CGold
PMS 123 C
Turquoise - PMS 322 CTurquoise
PMS 322 C
Yellow - PMS 012 CYellow
PMS 012 C
Purple - PMS 268 CPurple
PMS 268 C
Telus Purple - PMS 2745 CTelus Purple
PMS 2745 C
Grey - PMS 429 CGrey
PMS 429 C
Burgundy - PMS 202 CBurgundy
PMS 202 C
Brown - PMS 498 CBrown
PMS 498 C
Customize your shelter to fit your needs. Add custom full walls or rail skirts to further your branding efforts.
Customize your shelter to fit your needs. Add custom full walls or rail skirts to further your branding efforts.

Make a bold statement on your canopy valance guaranteed to grab your audience's attention.

The instant canopy valance banners are designed to offer interchangeable message to fit your campaign.

Impact Instant Canopy Digital Printing Summary

The modern era for marketing your business, special event, product line or team is very complicated. You must be at the right location, at the right time, with the right message and look professional to attract attention.

Recent technology advances, which Impact Instant Canopies now owns and operates, enable us to meet the highest standards of image duplication. Cutting edge dye sublimation technology and equipment combined with specialty polyester fabric coatings allow for unlimited design possibilities.

Not all digital printing processes are the same. Please understand what you are buying before you order.

  • Is the ink printed on the surface of the fabric or does it dye the fabric?
  • What is the Ultra Violet resistance? Surface ink Cracks and Flakes
  • Does the fabric used meet all of the required fire ratings? CPIA 84, ULC S109, NFPA 701
  • Is your fabric water proof?
  • Will the ink “bleed” in the rain?
  • Is your fabric polyester of heavy vinyl? Polyester is the Instant Canopy, Pop Up Shelter and Folding Tent fabric of choice.
If you desire to be the best and have the best, you need to trust the Impact Instant Canopy Digital Print Process.

"The Next Level" is simply amazing.

Silk Screen Printing Summary

The traditional way to have your logo applied to an Instant Canopy, Pop Up Shelter, or Folding Tent Top has been through a Silk Screen Application.

Silk Screen Printing involves applying solid color inks to the fabric surface via a negative of your logo engraved into a silk screen, film.

Silk Screen Process involves and initial Screen Set Up however the application of the ink has a minimal cost. The end result is that with a large volume requirement the set up charges would be spread over the volume of pieces making each piece a low cost.

Silk Screen application is durable, vibrant and can make your image POP!