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Build your brand instantly with IMPACT On-Site Event Solutions

MB 360 Display Stand



The Impact MB 360 has been designed to showcase your message in the most innovative and creative way. The telescopic center support rod and full adjustable central hub lets you vary the height of the banner from the floor level while also allowing full 360 degree rotation, plus a screen tilt function lets you direct the banner message in any angle you need.

The distinctive design of the Impact MB 360 heighten your display and increase exposure in free-standing open areas such as malls, showrooms and trade shows.


  • Vertical or horizontal placement
  • Full 360 degree rotation
  • Tilt function
  • Available in 36” x 78”, 36” x 62”, 40 x 75” and 48 x 72”
  • Excellent stability
  • Bright clear full digital color printing on polyester fabric
  • Light, simple to install, transport & store