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ML Frame

Commercial Grade Aluminium Frame - BEST SELLER

Make a long-lasting impression with the Impact Instant Canopy “ML” Frame. The ML frame is made of aircraft quality aluminum for superior strength and durability. Its distinctive hexagon design makes the ML frame both functional and aesthetically engineered.

By constructing the leg components of the “ML” Instant Canopy Frame from hexagon shaped extruded aluminum tube we were able to save weight while adding strength and durability. The “ML” Instant Canopy Frame will outlast and out perform any current aluminum Instant Canopy Frame on the market. It will Eclipse all others.

For added support and stability an oversize steel foot pad is securely fastened to each telescopic leg.

The Commercial grade ML aluminum frame is constructed for value and performance.


Sports events, tradeshows, community events, demo days, parking lot sales, and more…

Features Benefits
Hexagon shaped extruded aluminium frame Classy Durable Finish
�Thumb Lock� Slider& Height Adjuster Ease of Operation
Nylon / Fiberglass connector brackets High Impact strong
Oversize Plated Heavy duty Steel Foot plates Adds strength and Stability.
Auto Grip Bracket Bolt Connector Single Repair Tool Required
High Strength Hex Key Commercial Fasteners Fast simple to remove and replace
Spring Loaded Peak Pole Tight Top every time
Plated Non- Rust Fasteners Will Not Stain Top

Sizes & Specifications

Frame ML
Grade Commercial - Best Value Aluminium
Finish Aluminium construction
Head Clearance Maximum of 84 inches
Height Settings Canopy height peak of 120 inches at lowest leg adjustment and 132 inches at the highest leg adjustment
Top locking mechanism Thumb Lock
Peak pole 1" thick
Diameter and truss size 2" (40 mm) diameter (inside thickness) legs, truss size 13/8"x3/4"

Available sizes

10' x 10' MLF10 43.9 lbs
10' x 15' MLF15 55.0 lbs
10' x 20' MLF20 76.6 lbs
Canopy Top 500 Denier Polyester
Custom Printing All canopies can be custom printed to your creative specifications either digital dye sublimation or silk-screen printing

Canopy Sizes

5' x 5'

Frames: TL, DS
8' x 8'

Frames: TL, DS
8' x 12'

Frames: DS
10' x 10'

Frames: TL, DS, CL, ML, M
10' x 15'

Frames: CL, ML, M
10' x 20'

Frames: CL, ML, M
13' x 26'

Frames: Mega Series
16' x 16'

Frames: Mega Series
20' x 20'

Frames: Mega Series
The Impact Canopy tops comes in multiple sizes and colors. The Impact Instant Canopies are equipped with a premium 500 denier polyester top that, is water, mildew and rot resistant and meets ULCS 109, CPAI 84 and NFPA 701 Fire codes.

Available sizes






5’ x 5’ X        
8’ x 8’ X        
8’ x 12’ X        
10’ x 10’ X X X X  
10’ x 15’   X X X  
10’ x 20’   X X X  
13’ x 26’         X
16’ x 16’         X
20’ x 20’         X
Blue - PMS 287 CRoyal Blue
PMS 287 C
Green - PMS 348 CGreen
PMS 348 C
Red - PMS 193 CRed
PMS 193 C
Black - PMS Black CBlack
PMS Black C

Choose the canopy top size you want and then choose the frame.

Canopy Top:

  • 500 denier polyester canopy top
  • water repellent
  • Fire retardant
  • 100% UV Protected canopy

Brand your space in style with a Custom Instant Canopy, designed to showcase your corporate message and attract prospects in seconds.

Impact Canopies offers full digital printing, dye sublimation and silk screening printed canopies. We can print up to full print coverage in vivid images and precision clarity without compromise.

Call Us Today and we'll help you stand out at your next event!
Most Impact Instant Canopies, Pop Up Shelters and Folding Tents are used in combination with Canopy Sidewalls. Impact Instant Canopy Universal Full Enclosure Canopy Sidewalls feature 500 denier polyester fabric construction, full length color matched side zippers for joining multiple walls together, Velcro height adjustment frame straps, side Velcro secure straps for individual wall set ups and bottom wall ground security “D” Rings.

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A DSP04 CLP04 MLP04 MP04 Dome cap
B DSP08 CLP08 MLP08 MP08 Foot pad
C DSP10 CLP10 MLP10 MP10 Inner leg
D DSP65 CLP65 MLP65 MP65 Joint Bolt/Nut/Washer (connects truss bar ends)
E DSP15 CLP15 MLP15 MP15 Joint Bolt/Nut/Washer & Bolt Cap
F DSP18 CLP18 MLP18 MP18 2 way outer leg bracket
G DSP48 CLP48 MLP48 MP48 2 way outer leg slider bracket
H DSP29 CLP29 MLP29 MP29 Upper peak pole bracket
I DSP28 CLP28 MLP28 MP28 Lower peak pole bracket
J DSP23 CLP23 MLP23 MP23 Outer leg w/velcro
K DSP51 CLP51 MLP51 MP51 Inner leg height adjuster
L DSP59 CLP59 MLP59 MP59 Truss bar
M DSP32 CLP32 MLP32 MP32 Peak pole upper
N DSP31 CLP31 MLP31 MP31 Peak pole lower
O   CLP01     Truss cap
P   CLP20     3 way outer leg bracket - 20' frame
Q   CLP50     3 way outer leg slider bracket - 20' frame

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Impact Canopies Canada is proud to offer a network of Canada Wide Impact Service and Parts Centres. The result is we can offer you the best possible response time in getting your Impact Canopy back in operation.

Please refer to the attached parts diagrams and service outlet locations. Our shipping options range from overnight courier to regular mail.

Should you have another type of instant shelter and would like to begin the transition to Impact please note the following two important features. We, at Impact, have designed our products with simplicity in mind. From mixing with other types of shelters to ease of repair, our Impact sales team can advise you on any issue that may arise.

* Impact frames and tops are interchangeable with other instant shelters currently on the market. The Impact's adjustable peak height will allow for any type of top to fit and be aesthetically correct.

* Impact has designed our frame for simplicity of repair. The Impact frame consists of only one length of support truss. Unlike other instant shelters that have up to 3 different lengths of trusses, when you need a Impact truss there is no guesswork.