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Build your brand instantly with IMPACT On-Site Event Solutions

Police Kit



During special events or emergencies, an Impact Instant Canopy ?Police Canopy? Kit can be used as a gathering place, a command center or to protect a crime scene.

Each Impact Instant Canopy “Police Canopy” Kit comes with:

  • “High Visibility” reflective tape sewn into each peak surface,
  • High strength powder coated steel frame,
  • Impact Instant Canopy Universal Rope and Spike Kit and
  • Impact Instant Canopy Universal Deluxe Roller Carry Bag.
  • Available in black or navy blue
Optional is a complete set of “High Visibility” color matching Canopy Sidewalls. Each canopy sidewall has a reflective strap sewn into its design for maximum visibility during low light conditions, window openings, and full and middle zipper canopy sidewalls.

Impact Instant Canopy “Police Canopy” Kits can be customized with your corporate identification and branding and meet ULCS 109, CPAI 84 and NFPA 701 Fire codes.
The Impact Canopy tops comes in multiple sizes and colors. The Impact Instant Canopies are equipped with a premium 500 denier polyester top that, is water, mildew and rot resistant and meets ULCS 109, CPAI 84 and NFPA 701 Fire codes.

Available sizes






5’ x 5’ X        
8’ x 8’ X        
8’ x 12’ X        
10’ x 10’ X X X X  
10’ x 15’   X X X  
10’ x 20’   X X X  
13’ x 26’         X
16’ x 16’         X
20’ x 20’         X
Blue - PMS 287 CRoyal Blue
PMS 287 C
Green - PMS 348 CGreen
PMS 348 C
Red - PMS 193 CRed
PMS 193 C
Black - PMS Black CBlack
PMS Black C

Choose the canopy top size you want and then choose the frame.

Canopy Top:

  • 500 denier polyester canopy top
  • water repellent
  • Fire retardant
  • 100% UV Protected canopy