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i-Catcher Telescopic 17’ Flex Pole


Impact Instant Canopy Telescopic 17' Flex Pole is manufactured from non conductive black, industrial fiberglass. Fully telescoping for complete adjustability the 17' Flex Pole combines a strong telescopic dual level pole base with an, exclusive to Impact Instant Canopies, Flexi Tip. The "Flexi Tip" enables individual flag shapes and designs to maintain their integrity during all weather conditions. The dimensions of the 17' Flexi pole are consistent with the Sky Pole in order to facilitate accessory interchangeability. 17' Flex Poles are designed to support the following "I Catcher" flag designs.

  • Impact "I Catcher" Grande Blade Custom Promotional Flag
  • Impact "I Catcher" Grande Wing Custom Promotional Flag
  • Impact "I Catcher" Petit Sailor Custom Promotional Flag
  • Impact "I Catcher" Display Flag Custom Promotional Flag