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Build your brand instantly with IMPACT On-Site Event Solutions

Impact Marquee

The Impact Marquee Tent - Built to Last

The Impact Marquee tent is designed with durability, efficiency, portability and style in mind. Our built to last original design requires 50% fewer components to build, making it easy to maintain for years of use. It is a versatile structure, offering a wide range of sizes and shapes starting from 10' Square to an impressive 40' Hexagon

Step into the spotlight with custom printed marquees!

Maximize your exposure at your next event with a custom marquee. All Impact Marquees can be customized to fit your needs.

Our in-house printing along with our seamless wrap printing solutions allows for an uninterrupted representation of your corporate image. Add in walls, windows, half walls to make a statement at your next event.


  • Solid
  • Standard Window
  • French Arch Window
  • Designer Window
  • Zipper Closures
  • Mesh
  • Translucent, Solid Colours or Striped Patterns
  • Translucent Skylight Panels
  • Replacement Tops

Colours available: White, black, Royal blue, navy blue, red, dark red, orange, purple, kelly green, forest green, grey, beige, brown, pink

Marquee Tent Specifications

Manufactured from strong and durable fabrics, ensuring long life and serviceability. All fabrics are welded and are treated to resist mildew, ultra-violet degradation and abrasion. Standard fabric for marquees consists of 16 oz. opaque white vinyl certified by the California State Fire Marshall, meets and exceeds NFPA 701, CAN-UCL S109 and M2 Standards.

Our Marquee is designed for a quick and easy set-up. These tension frame structures consist of 2 ½” structural aluminum tubing; aluminum cast fittings, cast feet, cross cables, centre poles and spikes. Standard side height is 8’ and 9’-3”. We also carry leg extensions for increased height.

All fittings are foundry cast or manufactured exclusively in house at the Vancouver Plant.

All ropes, guys, ratchets and catenaries are of the highest quality.

Lifetime guarantee on all castings. One year on materials and workmanship to the original owner.

Sizes & Specifications


Total Area - sq. ft

Peak Height

Weight - lbs

Setup - mins

Min Weight per leg

8’ x 15’ x 8’12014’17020 - 2 persons50 lbs
8’ x 10’ x 8’8012’5”11820 - 2 persons50 lbs
10’ x 10’ x 8’10012’ 8-1/213020 - 2 persons65 lbs
10’ x 15’ x 8’15013’ 1”15520 - 2 persons75 lbs
10’ x 20’ x 8’20016’ 9-3/417920 - 2 persons75 lbs
13’1” x 13’1”172.214’1”9520 - 2 persons75 lbs
15’ x 15’ x 8’22514’ 1-1/218925 - 2 persons100 lbs
15’ x 20’ x 8’30016’ 7 -3/421525 - 2 persons150 lbs
16’4” x 16’4”268.9616’ 9-3/422225- 2 persons150 lbs
20’ x 20’ x 8’40016’ 9-3/4”24130 - 3 persons200 lbs
20’ x 30’ x 8’60018’ 4-3/4”48540 - 3 persons300 lbs
20’ x 40’ x 9’80020’ 8”54045 - 3 persons400 lbs
20’ x 60’ x 8’120020’ 8”62045 - 3 persons500 lbs
30’ x 30’ x 9’90019’5”58545 - 3 persons500 lbs
10’ HEX67920’ 3”37020 - 3 persons250 lbs
20’ HEX24515’ 7”24225 - 3 persons300 lbs
40’ HEX102322’2”47845 - 3 persons500 lbs

Marquee Sizes

8' x 10'

8' x 15'

10' x 10'

10' x 15'

10' x 20'

15' x 15'

15' x 20'

20' x 20'

20' x 30'

20' x 40'

20' x 60'

30' x 30'

10' Hex

20' Hex

40' Hex




French Arch

Cathedral Window

Clear Window


Door Wall

Window Door Wall

Designer Window Wall


Disclaimer of Implied Warranty

  • It is mutually agreed that the customer takes the goods with no warranties, as to its merchantability or the fitness for any purpose except specified herein.

  • Lifetime Warranty - Aluminum Frame

    • Ideal Canopy Tent & Structure Ltd. warrants that the frame which is made out of aluminum is covered for lifetime (unless something is damaged because of neglect).
    • Ideal Canopy shall at its discretion, replace or repair the defective material within a reasonable time frame.

    Limited Warranty - Fabric Membrane

    • Ideal Canopy will repair or replace any defective membrane at its cost within the first year from the original date of purchase. Any damage caused by vandalism, improper use, reattachment by customer or Acts of God void this warranty.
    • Life expectancy of fabric membrane materials are the responsibility of the various manufacturers ask for details Top:
      • Marquee top fabric if taken well care of it could last more than 5-7+ years

    The cost of materials, installation and labour to repair or replace the systems or components shall be as follows:

    • Ideal Canopy will repair or replace any defective component at its cost within the first year from the original date of purchase.
    • In the event of a component failure after the first year Ideal Canopy will repair or replace any defective component with the parts being charged compounded at either one seventh or one eleventh the retail cost of the component for the extent of the warranty. Labour, delivery and installation are the responsibility of the customer.